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I’ve met a man who makes my heart flutter. Full of future and promise and happiness. There’s a slight hitch. He lives in the UK. So I’m moving.

Some of you may know about this, some may be very surprised. We met on my two trips to the UK in 2007-08, and kept contact in between. He came to visit me in July for 3 weeks to see if it was something we should pursue, and the unequivocal answer is YES!

So I’m moving in May next year (current proposed date). It’s a big decision to make, and might look impetuous, but actually it just feels ‘right’, a good gamble, as my flatmate has characterised it. We’re planning on trying to live somewhere between London and Brighton (Hi J & Scruff, want to have a beer/gin/pimms?), but it will ultimately depend on where I can get work, as I have a ‘career’ to pursue, he has a ‘job’ and can shift.

Firstly: Yay!

Secondly: For those of you who have moved overseas before (I’m looking at Coz and Ob, J&Scruff and Nik in particular) what do I need to know? What advice do you have for a person packing up their life and moving to the UK? Stuff to do before I move that would make life easier over there, stuff to do while in the UK, cultural differences that I will need to know about that no-one else will tell me, etc.

Thirdly: I’m here for 9 more months. Is there anything we ever talked about doing together that we should try to do in the next 9 months?

Fourthly (is that a word): I need to get rid of ‘stuff’ starting with my SCA gear, and then on to various other things. I’m happy to hand things on to friends that will actually use them before I try to sell or donate. If you have ever coveted something I own now is the time to speak up (especially SCA gear, no, really).

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I’ve had a bit of time off work in the last couple of weeks as I’ve had a visitor from overseas, which is a perfect excuse to run around my city being a tourist.

One of the things we did was go to the Biennale exhibit at the NSW Art Gallery, which was fantastic. Lots of provocative pieces on change, time and flow.

Some of the my favourite pieces included a pool of alien bobble heads floating around, a pencil drawing of men spiralling around inside a panopticon of woman staring at them, lots of photos of objects balancing on each other, a changing display of decorators at work in the main foyer and the graffiti on the front of the gallery.

It’s on until September and is in the open section of the Gallery so I suspect I’ll be going back a few times. It’s well worth a look if you have the time.

There’s also an exhibition at the MCA, which we’ll be checking out this Thursday.

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