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I get some interesting things come across my desk at work. Like Lego’s Sustainability report. Which has real lego pieces as part of the cover.

On page 3 of the report is a picture of a recycling truck. So, what would be more natural than a recycling project officer and her friend, the waste education officer, ordering such an object from a reputable Lego dealer, having it delivered to work and then assembling during a lunch hour?

Yes, we thought it was a very important work-related exercise as well.

We had so much fun putting them together, like being 10 years old on Christmas day again:
“Where’s teh white piece!”
“Oooh! a broom!”
“I forgot the funny grey rotatey bit!”
“Don’t go too fast, I’m not on that page yet”

Finally it was completed:

Recycling brilliance

And now lives on the shelf above my monitor:

At home in the office

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Most of my life I have woken up alert. I know where I am and what day is it and within a few minutes can tell you what I am doing that morning.

Recently I’ve been very, very confused first thing in the morning, thinking it’s the weekend and sleeping through my alarm. Then slowly realising it’s actually a weekday, a middle-of-the-weekday, and I need to get up.


Perhaps it’s the sunlight which now streams through my room each morning as it is warm enough to leave the blinds open overnight. Making me think; “It’s a lovely gentle day, it must be the weekend”.

In other daylight/weather related observations, something about Sydney at the moment makes me think I’m in Arizona. No idea why, and it’s been going on for a few weeks now. Might be something about the light? Some smell in the air? The contrast from cold days 2 weeks ago to quite warm days now?

Funny thing is I’ve been to Arizona for a sum total of 5 days of my life. This time last year. And it’s not Tempe-Mesa weather I’m thinking of either (except the very early morning and late night air), no this is Flagstaff weather. I spent a sum total of 2 days in Flagstaff…

Even more odd.

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