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This article caught my attention this morning, and I thought some of you may like to read it. It looks at the discourse of an open society in relation to climate change and the differenet arguments being put forward by some corporations to reduce/manage any action on climate change.

I particularly liked this paragraph:
“Another tactic used by the hired skeptics is to say that any attempt to address critical environmental problems will involve economic hardship and government intrusion into our daily lives in a way that curbs our individual liberty. It ought to be obvious that individual liberty will be meaningless if climate change undermines the food and water supply and if oil production abruptly declines without a suitable substitute or a plan to adapt to a lower energy world. In such a world we will be at liberty to be hungry, thirsty, unemployed and cold. Nevertheless, the individual liberty argument remains a very potent one, not least because fossil fuels have given us the illusion of autonomy. We never have to deal with or even think about most of the people whose efforts provide us with our food, water, clothing, electricity, heat and gasoline. We just pay the bill and imagine ourselves to be self-sufficient.”

The rest of the article is well considered. While his suggested responses are a bit wishy-washy, I suppose they work in the culture of individual action in the states.

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