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I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with this space. Where to take it. What to write about.

It seems to me that this blog has 3 functions and this will be the basis of what I write here.

1. Keeping my nearest and dearest up to date on what’s happening – the “this week” posts. Categories: weekly update, family, food, work.

2. Reflections on being an immigrant in England – predominantly the “Stuff that is weird” and “Things I like” posts, although I am thinking this will become a wider theme. Categories: community, culture shock.

3. Progress on learning how to fly – goals, relationships, step-parenting, attitudes, posts relating to the journey to becoming the person I would like to be (which is not to imply that I am unhappy with who I am, I just acknowledge that this is always a journey). Categories: adventure, flying, goals, home, philosophy, resolution.

There will of course be the occasional post that doesn’t fit into any of the above 3 areas, but this is the direction that I want to take this blog. Hopefully these topics will be of interest to you as well.

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I just imported some posts from a former blog, covering the period Nov 2006 to Mar 2009.

While this blog is about Learning to Fly in England, with Jed, in reality my journey began back in November 2006, and so it seems fitting to have those posts here as well.

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This post specifically targeted at previously non-blog users, who are now reading this blog, especially mothers, aunts and sisters. This post is going to be at the top of the page for a few weeks, so just scroll down a bit for the new posts. Cheers!

One of the funnest things about a blog is interaction. Primarily I chose this method of communication as it’s an easy way of of sharing information with a lot of people, oh and I get to use fun colours AND add photos into posts where relevant AND keep a whole bunch of information in the one place.

But, the part that makes it even better is conversation, the people that you know are reading it actually telling you what the post made them think about, asking questions to extend the conversation. Think of the post as the starting point and then go from there.


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