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Do you live the life you preach?


If in doubt, be fabulous.

NB: these are personal reminders, but if you find them useful feel free to appropriate.

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A couple of the blogs that I read have listed their favourite ways of keeping track of new year’s resolutions, or just resolutiuons in general. Despite the timing of my previous post on the themes for this year, I don’t really believe in NEW YEAR’S resolutions per se. Goals, or a new direction, are useful whenever you feel inspired to take them on. This year my re-direction just happened to occur around 1 January.

So here’s a couple of posts that link to some useful web applications for goal tracking, weight loss, finance, quitting cigarettes, and rewarding yourself for new habits.

LifeHacker: Geek to Live – Six webapps to help keep your New Year’s resolutions

Get Rich Slowly – Ask the Readers: Best Tools for Tracking Resolutions?

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