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As a child my mother always told me that I was bright enough to do anything I wanted.

I’ve always focused on the anything part. Which just leads to confusion, how do you decide, when you can do anything?

Today I chose to pursue the thing I wanted to do, not just the thing I could do, and was successful.

Sometime in March or April I will begin managing the implementation of a restructure, which I’ve been scoping for 2 days a week since January. I’ll actually be working to make a difference to people and to help them, doing something worthwhile I can be proud of. Not spinning my wheels at work I’m OK at with minimal direction, as I did for most of 2009.

It won’t be easy, but it will be challenging, and it will be the skillset that I enjoy using.

That’s the first necessary change of 2010, the year of the Tiger.

Stay tuned for part 2

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I’ve been sick recently, so was told to take time off work until I felt better. Which should be today, and back to work tomorrow.

Today I spent some time at Uni doing a bit of research for my soon-to-be-due essay. Then I had lunch on King St, at 2pm at Lou Jack’s.

I was cut off at the entrance by a tall man, who I promptly got a little grumpy at, then wondered why he looked familiar.

The answer: he was a wiggle, specifically, Murray the Red Wiggle. OK, so I didn’t actually have lunch with him, he sat at a different table. But “I had lunch NEAR a wiggle” just doesn’t have the same ring.

As I was waiting for my hamburger to appear (which incidentally was very, very good. Highly recommended) I glanced out the window to see Jay, from triplej’s breakfast show and Frenzal Rhomb go cycling past. So, obviously all the cool kids are at the corner of King and Holt St, Newtown at 2pm on a Monday afternoon.

Large MothAlso in the wow! cool! category is this moth, which was on my washing this afternoon. Purdy! It loved my shirt so much that it took a couple of good shakes to encourage it to “hide” elsewhere. Someone needs to teach it that pink is not a good camouflage background colour for a grey moth.

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Read this for a more amusing, and slightly angrier view on the stupidity of the proposed legislation requiring potential migrants to sign a statement on Australian values. Pay special attention to point 10:

“If you decide to implement Ridgy-Didge Migration Assimilation Act, 2006 (Cth) anyway, I will accept the extermination of five thousand (5000) Hillsong members as compensation.”

Which has definate appeal.

For a more measured, reasonable and inspirational contribution to this debate read my earlier post: Assimilationists

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