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I’ve only been here for a week, but it feels like a month. In a good way. I’ve packed so much into this week, as anyone who’s been keeping tabs on the Flickr account may have guessed.

I have:

  • Rambled in many public gardens and admired the English Summer flowers
  • Seen so many old buildings and statues
  • Done most of the sights of London
  • Been to many exhibitions
  • Got lost on the tube
  • Found my way around the tube
  • Been asked my a tourist for directions and had other people assume I live here
  • ought stuff, but not too much
  • Eaten good food, and drunk beer. Occasionally I find a decent coffee as well
  • Been rained on many times, and enjoyed some lovely sunny weather
  • Had “historical” experiences where I finally “get it” in relation to the History I’ve been studying since my Undergrad
  • Relaxed
  • Laughed
  • Got Drunk
  • Run around London until 2am (see previous line)
  • Eaten in pubs
  • Walked so much that my feet hurt, but was still excited about seeing more things that I walked even further

But perhaps most importantly, and as I suspected:
Met some lovely, lovely people whom it will be very difficult to say goodbye to. I knew they were going to be fun people I’d get on with, I just didn’t realise how much. Had to say goodbye to the first one the other day and almost got teary. And she’s possibly coming to Australia in a couple of years. Everyone else… well that will be more difficult

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The balancing act

Every 6 months I go through a fine balancing act. Well, it possibly happens more often than this, but I can pinpoint specific occurrences at May and November each year. It’s the balance point between being so stressed about impending deadlines that you freeze up and can’t do anything, and the laissez faire attitude that assumes you will get it all done, so you can take a break right now, it won’t matter.

I suppose it’s a bit like riding a wave, where the stressed part is when you have gone too far into it and get dumped in the surf, and the laissez faire part is where you miss the crest of the wave entirely and get left behind.

Neither extreme is going to get the essay done. The trick is to find enough stress to keep you focused on doing the work, but not too much stress that you stress out and get tired and your brain freezes up.

The past few weeks have been a strange combination of the two. I think I am now in the creative essay writing space at the crest of that wave. At least here’s hoping so, I have 2 weeks and 3 essays to hand in. Wish me luck!

Did any of that make sense, or has my brain finally exploded? I find it hard to tell at the moment.

*post script* the problem with this balancing act is that sometimes other stuff falls off as the imperative to pass University takes over your brain space. The real estate agent just rang me to remind me that the rent is late. *sigh* and lets not talk about the library fines I am accruing as I keep forgetting to take them back. Or the friends that I am neglecting as I lock myself away from the world (in a train! …ask me some other time)

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