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Bay of the Hawkesbury
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A friend and I went to Kuringai National Park on Saturday to go on a walk and do some camping, but the closure of most of the walks in the park due to fires stopped that idea.

Instead we had a day of spontaneity which was wonderful.

First stop Illawong Point (the photo) where it was shoes off and stand on rocks in the water time while chatting about the nature of the universe.

Then a drive around General Martin Drive until we hit the edge of the national park and an inviting hillside encouraged us to climb it, sit on a rock for 20 mins and just listen to a whip bird calling his mate. It was a she-oak, bracken fern and cabbage tree palm forest, nice and open, yet a bit lush with hidden pockets. The fact that the incline was essentailly a soft cliff made the climb just enough of a challenge, particularly as we were making our own path.

Just around the corner from there we found a picnic ground with a wharf and people fishing. Better yet we found a medium sized fig tree that was crying out to be climbed. So we did. And then lazed about in the branches for a while enjoying the sensation of doing stuff just because it is fun. Saw some poocackle birds (my family’s name for yellow-breasted honey eaters) having a territorial scuffle, and saw an badly disguised sleepy possum up a tree. Badly disguised as it was a single tree, which was quite bare and he’d wedged himself a third of the way up. We sort of stared at each other for a while but he was too dopey to do much else than move his ears a bit. It’s good to know that he was fearless enough to do that, mustn’t be too many cats in the area.

Stormy weather broke over our heads at one point, which was exhilarating, but as it only lasted for a few minutes we didn’t suffer any consequences.

After describing the day on my radio show later that evening I was sent the xkcd comic below. Sums it all up really. Hurrah for simple, happy days.


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I gave myself a week to come back to reality after the holiday. A week of sleeping in if I needed it. A week of purchasing breakfast rather than cooking it myself. A week of slowly remembering the details of my job. A week of thinking about cleaning my house. A week of considering where I go from here as the plan to July had now finished.

I came across two articles today that I need to ponder some more, which should kickstart the thoughts for the last part, the where to from here:

1. The wonderful Amanda Kovattana has written an article on the “7 Habits of Highly Subversive People” which is incredibly thought provoking. The habits are quite sensible, but it’s good to have them catalogued and reflected upon. They are, in order:

  • Habit #1. Thinking
  • Habit #2 Understand the big picture, the global supply chain of everything that you touch and then some, the interconnectedness of all things and i don’t mean just the cosmic good stuff between you and the divine. In the beginning there will be no solution to the depressing reality of it all. Get used to it. Between despair and hope lies the motivation to change.
  • Habit #3: Fix, make or bake stuff yourself, because it strengthens your independence of thought from the soul robbing, imagination sucking, corporate production of stuff. Cut off or cover the logos on your bag, shoes, clothes. Repurpose a product and name it after yourself.
  • Habit #4: Know your porn so that you can understand how you are being told what to desire.
  • Habit #5: Seek context. Don’t settle for the easy short answer. Stand for something risky. Make a statement that embodies complete sociopolitical narrations.
  • Habit #6: Start where your audience is
  • Habit #7: Imagine. Disrupt. Disturb. Destabilize. Bite the hand that feeds you.

She also discusses the “paper bags” of thought that need to be fought that stop us being aware and questioning what is happening. That stop us being proactive. These are The New Age, the Techno-Fix, the Freedom of Individual Choice and the Democracy papers bags.

It’s a very well written, well thought out article that should stick some needles under your skin and get you thinking. I’d highly recommend reading it.

2. The other article “A Sustainable Footprint” was written in 2004 and republished on Online Opinion in 2006. It lists a number of broad areas that need to be addressed in order to achieve a sustainable society. Nothing that surprising in it, but it is written in an approachable style, and it’s always good to be reminded about WHY you are doing what you are doing.

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