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A couple of the blogs that I read have listed their favourite ways of keeping track of new year’s resolutions, or just resolutiuons in general. Despite the timing of my previous post on the themes for this year, I don’t really believe in NEW YEAR’S resolutions per se. Goals, or a new direction, are useful whenever you feel inspired to take them on. This year my re-direction just happened to occur around 1 January.

So here’s a couple of posts that link to some useful web applications for goal tracking, weight loss, finance, quitting cigarettes, and rewarding yourself for new habits.

LifeHacker: Geek to Live – Six webapps to help keep your New Year’s resolutions

Get Rich Slowly – Ask the Readers: Best Tools for Tracking Resolutions?

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Yarra River, SouthbankI just took a week holiday to Melbourne, to see some dear friends and to get to know the city a bit better after falling in love with it last July. Photos are here, if you are interested. Most of them are from the Digger’s Club’s Heronswood property

One of the things that I do when on holidays is start to relax a bit and think about how I want my life to be, so, since it is the season for resolutions I present the following.

2007 is the year of…

  1. Career Development and Consolidation: I now have a job I enjoy in an area that inspires me, so time to become excellent at it.
  2. Finance Consolidation: self-explanatory really, there are some things I want to do and have, so I need to get better with my money. I’d also like to not be worrying about cash at the end of every pay period.
  3. Developing Clean house Habits: believe it or not, I dream of living in a cleaner, simpler home, so time to remove the clutter and get some simple cleaning routines started.
  4. Live Adventurously: there is so much to see and do in this world. I don’t necessarily mean to take up extreme sports, instead I am talking about being aware of the different “adventures” that are available and get away from the couch.
  5. Rebuild Social Networks: I’ve met so many people that I no longer regularly catch-up with and would like to. More free time = ability to do this. This also relates to point 4.
  6. Fixing the World: a bit cliched, but the impulse has always been there. I’d like to make some sort of difference.
  7. Developing Healthy Habits: fitter, leaner, happier me.

In the words of the Cheese Eating Surrender Wombat: “If you make one resolution this year, let it be this: resolve to end apathy in yourself and in those around you. We are all in far too much trouble for this not to happen sometime soon.”

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I’m alive!

So, you may have been thinking I was never going to resurface to this blogging thing. It has been a while, but I had to deal with a huge life shift recently and all my assignments were due in. One more to go, due tomorrow night; 2915 words down, 1000 to go.

Since procrastination is mandatory for those of us writing assignments (Hi MrSnerg!) I have been thinking about where to go from here, and remembered 43 things, a site where you list your goals and track them and look at what other people are doing. I’ve always been a fan of goals to keep some perspective in life and for an idea of what you want your future to be like, so thought I’d give it a go. The same people have also developed 43 places to list where you’d like to travel, apparently Australia is huge; and 43 people, so you can list who you’d like to meet. In a different format to these first three they also have All Consuming which is like LibraryThing except with CDs and movies etc. and Lists of Bests, about the best n things, which just seems silly to me, but would probably suit someone. While discussing LibraryThing, apparently it now has a “tell me what I would NOT like to read” feature, which could be amusing.

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