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I think it is time to run away with the dolphins and thank the human race for all the fish. Or perhaps to set up a deck chair on a beach somewhere and declare that the rest of humanity has gone mad. (I really must go back and re-read Douglas Adams)

We had a recent upgrade to MS Exchange and XP at work. Now, I knew that dealing with a state government department’s control on a computer system was going to be challenging after the freedoms and trust of working for an IT department at the University of Sydney. I have learnt to cope with the random server outages and warning messages for no reason except to increase or overall mouse usage and eventually “cost the tax payer” money in work related RSI injuries. I can even laugh when the printer tells me that it can’t print because of a “life warning” (Danger Will Robinson! Danger!)

But this! I lost it at this, and figured you all might get a laugh as well.

Below is a screen capture of the warning message that just flicked up when I tried to open a page in Google. Some programmer somewhere needs to be taken out and shown the real world and maybe given a few beers and some sunlight. This is complete madness. (click the image to get a copy you can read)

An addendum to yesterday’s post on Howard’s forest announcement. This column published today in the Herald is very amusing.

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A couple of the blogs that I read have listed their favourite ways of keeping track of new year’s resolutions, or just resolutiuons in general. Despite the timing of my previous post on the themes for this year, I don’t really believe in NEW YEAR’S resolutions per se. Goals, or a new direction, are useful whenever you feel inspired to take them on. This year my re-direction just happened to occur around 1 January.

So here’s a couple of posts that link to some useful web applications for goal tracking, weight loss, finance, quitting cigarettes, and rewarding yourself for new habits.

LifeHacker: Geek to Live – Six webapps to help keep your New Year’s resolutions

Get Rich Slowly – Ask the Readers: Best Tools for Tracking Resolutions?

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