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Holding Pattern

It’s Tuesday. I don’t deal well with Tuesday at the best of times. However, today I have the added distraction/frustration of waiting for the (real) estate agents to confirm we can move in this weekend, and hoping to get a call about a 2nd interview for the job I want.

Not dealing so well with the waiting, the holding pattern. Just want these things to fall into place, now, so I can get on with the other things I’m supposed to be doing.

So this is me, a bundle of anxiety in the corner waiting for the blessed change to come through. Desperately wanting stage 2 to start. Soon.



Well, one holding pattern removed, and one added. we were rejected for the property we applied for, because we’re both working on contracts, so we were deemed a risk for rent default. However, they also would not accept a guarantor and did not contact our personal references, or take into account that we’ve never defaulted on a rental payment. Really, really frustrating.

So, back on the finding a house treadmill 😦

Really unhappy, frustrated and grumpy.

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In which I bitch about how horrible Tuesdays are. Most of the post is hidden, since I’m sure not everyone actually wants to read it. Mostly I need to vent.


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Shared tastes

My energy is all over the place today. I blame Tuesday-itis.

We have a team dinner after work today, and we’re leaving the office at 5.30, so i realised I can come in 30 mins later and decided to have a bit of a sleep-in.

You’d have thought I’d have learnt the “be careful what you wish for” lesson by now, but apparently not. Since I actually made it up and out of the house in a decent timeframe, even with 20 mins extra sleep. I’d be later than usual, but not too much later.

Until I reached the train station and went to buy my morning banana, and realised I’d left my wallet at home. One 20 min round trip later I was tired, zombiefied and well and truly later for work than I have generally been.

Stoopid wallet!

Since then my schedule has been out of whack. Had a strange breakfast on the train of a pastry and a small coffee and juice, instead of sitting at the cafe with the lovely Italian men, eating marmite toast and a larger coffee while reading the paper.

Worked for 45 mins, then went to the team meeting (never a good thing on a tuesday), then a quick lunch. Now it is 2pm and I’m eating my 3.30 pm snack.

Wacky day!

At least I can blame it on Tuesday-itis, it’s more common for me than Monday-itis. I suspect it’s because on Monday I am quite rested from the weekend and (generally) happy to be at work. Whereas Tuesday I’m experiencing some form of jetlag from two early mornings compared to weekend wake up times, definitely more dopey on Tuesdays.

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