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And mostly gets the costume right:

Anne Boleyn, by Sarah Mensinga

Sarah Mensinga is a comic artist and character designer. She posts some of her work at her blog: http://sarahmensinga.blogspot.com/ It’s well worth sticking on an RSS feed. Last year I borrowed her images of elves as part of my christmas party costume. Fun, characterful (and joymongering) elves that make you smile. Might have to print them out again…

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I get some interesting things come across my desk at work. Like Lego’s Sustainability report. Which has real lego pieces as part of the cover.

On page 3 of the report is a picture of a recycling truck. So, what would be more natural than a recycling project officer and her friend, the waste education officer, ordering such an object from a reputable Lego dealer, having it delivered to work and then assembling during a lunch hour?

Yes, we thought it was a very important work-related exercise as well.

We had so much fun putting them together, like being 10 years old on Christmas day again:
“Where’s teh white piece!”
“Oooh! a broom!”
“I forgot the funny grey rotatey bit!”
“Don’t go too fast, I’m not on that page yet”

Finally it was completed:

Recycling brilliance

And now lives on the shelf above my monitor:

At home in the office

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I keep forgetting to put this up. One of my photos was recently invited to be part of the schmap guide for Bath. Since the conditions fit with the spirit of creative commons I had no real qualms with them using it.

Also, I was quite proud of this photo, mostly for the composition, (ignore the bluriness, I couldn’t use a flash). It felt nice that some unknown person appreciated that as well.

That’s another 10 points towards internet celebrity-dom!

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Gaudete Frock!
Originally uploaded by Miss Krin

I finally finished the Gaudete Frock (pura lana virgine, Gaudete. Blame Mistress Bess Haddon of York). Took me 18 months, but it’s done. I blame the Masters degree, and KoL, and general distractions, and maybe a loss of the inspiration that comes from creating a beautiful object.

It is now done, and it’s pretty much exactly what I was after. The skirt drapes beautifully and is weighted properly, the front is flat and has a fantastic line on it. The partlet probably needs to be fixed, based on the photo linked above, or I need to check myself in a mirror before leaving the house, one of the two.

And now onto the next project!

Which I planned out last night. A 1560s- 1570s Elizabethan for Rowany 25th Anniversary, inspired by the portrait of “A Young Lady Aged 21” in the Tate Gallery (I get to actually see it in 4 weeks. yay!) and this portrait of Isabel de Valois, along with some other images from Janet Arnold’s “Queen Elizabeht’s Wardrobe Unlock’d” (of course!)

The initial sketch is below. I am now dreaming red and gold silks, velvets and satins, with appropriate, acheivable bling. Step one, check corset and farthingale, and perhaps plan how to make a smaller farthingale in the next two weeks. Also plan what small project I can take to the Uk with me. Maybe the couching on the gards?

It’s great to have the creative urge back again, I’d forgotten how much fun planning a frock is. Remind me of that in the weeks before 25th when I’ll be struggling with it?

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Pirates! Reprise

Mouse, Tops and I sat down last Friday night to take the ships on their maiden voyages.

Round 1: Collect the treasure
Round 2: Carnage on the high seas, with tricksy moving fog banks.

Lessons learned in this game:

  • Games of carnage require big ships with many masts for a wonderful broadside effect.
  • Fire pots are fun
  • Fog Banks are not. Except they make the game more interesting
  • Sons will take after their fathers (and their mothers of course, but she’s not in this photo).

topsy and son

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Piratical Obsession

The Fleet
Originally uploaded by Miss Krin.

Q: How many pirate ships does one girl need?

But I cannot justify the purchase of more toys until these ones have actually played a game. So, who’s in? I have enough ships that we could just use my set, or you can bring your own!

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I think it is time to run away with the dolphins and thank the human race for all the fish. Or perhaps to set up a deck chair on a beach somewhere and declare that the rest of humanity has gone mad. (I really must go back and re-read Douglas Adams)

We had a recent upgrade to MS Exchange and XP at work. Now, I knew that dealing with a state government department’s control on a computer system was going to be challenging after the freedoms and trust of working for an IT department at the University of Sydney. I have learnt to cope with the random server outages and warning messages for no reason except to increase or overall mouse usage and eventually “cost the tax payer” money in work related RSI injuries. I can even laugh when the printer tells me that it can’t print because of a “life warning” (Danger Will Robinson! Danger!)

But this! I lost it at this, and figured you all might get a laugh as well.

Below is a screen capture of the warning message that just flicked up when I tried to open a page in Google. Some programmer somewhere needs to be taken out and shown the real world and maybe given a few beers and some sunlight. This is complete madness. (click the image to get a copy you can read)

An addendum to yesterday’s post on Howard’s forest announcement. This column published today in the Herald is very amusing.

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