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Pirates! Reprise

Mouse, Tops and I sat down last Friday night to take the ships on their maiden voyages.

Round 1: Collect the treasure
Round 2: Carnage on the high seas, with tricksy moving fog banks.

Lessons learned in this game:

  • Games of carnage require big ships with many masts for a wonderful broadside effect.
  • Fire pots are fun
  • Fog Banks are not. Except they make the game more interesting
  • Sons will take after their fathers (and their mothers of course, but she’s not in this photo).

topsy and son

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Piratical Obsession

The Fleet
Originally uploaded by Miss Krin.

Q: How many pirate ships does one girl need?

But I cannot justify the purchase of more toys until these ones have actually played a game. So, who’s in? I have enough ships that we could just use my set, or you can bring your own!

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