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This is your 5 month warning:

My wonderful sister has decided to get married in late March next year, so I am going to be in Sydney again sooner than expected. With Jed.

Yay sister marrying fantastic guy! Yay March is one of my favourite times of the year in Sydney! Yay being able to see people that I’ve been missing lots! (apparently this is another Yay post – might need a new tag)

We’ve starting talking about what we want to do, and the major thing is – see people! We’ve not booked the tickets yet, but I imagine we’ll be there from around 21st March until about 4th April. So, make a note, find time for coffee/beer/lunch/amusing diversionary entertainment, I’ll probably organise at least one central pub-type gathering in Newtown (yay Newtown!)

Incidentally they’ve chosen a date that is exactly¬†one year since I stepped on a plane. Spooky!

-I went through all the photos of my sister and I, and decided that this was the one that made us both look equally good, also it has the awwww factor appropriate for this post. This was my 30th brithday cake, as made by my sister, a replica of the one my mother made for my 1st birthday-


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I’ve had a bit of time off work in the last couple of weeks as I’ve had a visitor from overseas, which is a perfect excuse to run around my city being a tourist.

One of the things we did was go to the Biennale exhibit at the NSW Art Gallery, which was fantastic. Lots of provocative pieces on change, time and flow.

Some of the my favourite pieces included a pool of alien bobble heads floating around, a pencil drawing of men spiralling around inside a panopticon of woman staring at them, lots of photos of objects balancing on each other, a changing display of decorators at work in the main foyer and the graffiti on the front of the gallery.

It’s on until September and is in the open section of the Gallery so I suspect I’ll be going back a few times. It’s well worth a look if you have the time.

There’s also an exhibition at the MCA, which we’ll be checking out this Thursday.

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Bay of the Hawkesbury
Originally uploaded by Miss Krin

A friend and I went to Kuringai National Park on Saturday to go on a walk and do some camping, but the closure of most of the walks in the park due to fires stopped that idea.

Instead we had a day of spontaneity which was wonderful.

First stop Illawong Point (the photo) where it was shoes off and stand on rocks in the water time while chatting about the nature of the universe.

Then a drive around General Martin Drive until we hit the edge of the national park and an inviting hillside encouraged us to climb it, sit on a rock for 20 mins and just listen to a whip bird calling his mate. It was a she-oak, bracken fern and cabbage tree palm forest, nice and open, yet a bit lush with hidden pockets. The fact that the incline was essentailly a soft cliff made the climb just enough of a challenge, particularly as we were making our own path.

Just around the corner from there we found a picnic ground with a wharf and people fishing. Better yet we found a medium sized fig tree that was crying out to be climbed. So we did. And then lazed about in the branches for a while enjoying the sensation of doing stuff just because it is fun. Saw some poocackle birds (my family’s name for yellow-breasted honey eaters) having a territorial scuffle, and saw an badly disguised sleepy possum up a tree. Badly disguised as it was a single tree, which was quite bare and he’d wedged himself a third of the way up. We sort of stared at each other for a while but he was too dopey to do much else than move his ears a bit. It’s good to know that he was fearless enough to do that, mustn’t be too many cats in the area.

Stormy weather broke over our heads at one point, which was exhilarating, but as it only lasted for a few minutes we didn’t suffer any consequences.

After describing the day on my radio show later that evening I was sent the xkcd comic below. Sums it all up really. Hurrah for simple, happy days.

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Le Plan de Paris

  • Croissant for breakfast – Check
  • French onion soup – Check
  • Wine, baguette, cheese, pate all eaten al fresco – Check
  • Crepe Bretagne – Check
  • Creme Caramel – Check
  • Citron Presse – Check
  • Cafe – Check
  • Al Freco lunch (lots of it, as often as possible) – Check
  • Wine – Check
  • Tarte Tartin – No
  • Geraniums in wondow boxes – Check
  • Walking – Check (Mat’s walking tour de Paris is a wonderful introduction to the city)
  • Parisien watching – Check

My Paris experience wasn’t entirely about the food, really it wasn’t. Well, actually it was. Good food and seeing a good friend. It was the perfect way to do Paris in Summer. But I didn’t get to try a tarte tartin, despite two attempts to do so. So. I’ll just have to go back. Soon.

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Originally uploaded by Miss Krin

I’ve only been here for a week, but it feels like a month. In a good way. I’ve packed so much into this week, as anyone who’s been keeping tabs on the Flickr account may have guessed.

I have:

  • Rambled in many public gardens and admired the English Summer flowers
  • Seen so many old buildings and statues
  • Done most of the sights of London
  • Been to many exhibitions
  • Got lost on the tube
  • Found my way around the tube
  • Been asked my a tourist for directions and had other people assume I live here
  • ought stuff, but not too much
  • Eaten good food, and drunk beer. Occasionally I find a decent coffee as well
  • Been rained on many times, and enjoyed some lovely sunny weather
  • Had “historical” experiences where I finally “get it” in relation to the History I’ve been studying since my Undergrad
  • Relaxed
  • Laughed
  • Got Drunk
  • Run around London until 2am (see previous line)
  • Eaten in pubs
  • Walked so much that my feet hurt, but was still excited about seeing more things that I walked even further

But perhaps most importantly, and as I suspected:
Met some lovely, lovely people whom it will be very difficult to say goodbye to. I knew they were going to be fun people I’d get on with, I just didn’t realise how much. Had to say goodbye to the first one the other day and almost got teary. And she’s possibly coming to Australia in a couple of years. Everyone else… well that will be more difficult

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… in three weeks. Into the UK. London and surrounds for a week, Bedford for two days, Nottingham for 3 days, St. Andrews in Scotland for 2 days, Glasgow area for 2 days, Paris for one day.

I’ve never been there.

What should I do? Suggestions please, so I can keep them all in the one spot.

There’s an online itenerary up, which I will update, and has emergency contact info on it. If you’d like to be able to view it, let me know and I will send you the link. I’m not posting it here, as it’s not really supposed to be common knowledge.

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This was the last view I had of Sydney on Friday night:

Then I got on a shiny rail type thing, then a shiny winged thing, and ended up in Hobart.

This is what I woke up to the next day:

And this:

A completely different universe. Trees and mountains and cold.

Two days later, Monday morning, this was the view out the window when I woke up:

And this, the view from the front door:

By lunchtime on Monday I was here:

Holidays are fantastic. You can see the rest of the photos here. I thought you all needed a break after the recent long text only posts.

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